(SOLO): she only lives once 

SOLO is a blog about empowerment and authenticity— carving your own path, exploring your strengths, and being willing to learn and grow from the women around you.

We live in a socially obsessed society, and women are becoming more self-conscious than ever. We are conflicted by pressures to look good, feel great, and make more money, while wanting to do what we love, travel, and make a difference in the world.

Erica and I are two millennial women grappling with these pressures on a daily basis. That’s why with SOLO, we not only want to provide content that speaks to the interests of the modern day woman (health, fitness, travel, entertainment, etc.), but we want to help readers find balance and develop greater self-confidence as well.

Each week, we will provide purposeful posts in the realm of self-improvement, exploration and healthy living. We will also feature raw, honest interviews with influencers (#SheForShe) and entrepreneurs (Solopreneurs).

Ultimately, our vision is to build a community of women who want to find great strength as individuals, so that we may RISE UP in the world together!


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>> erica <<

Erica moved to California with her fiancé in January 2014 from Chicago to pursue a life on the West Coast.

While living in California had always been a dream of hers, being thousands of miles away from friends, family and comfort, had her drowning in a deep pool of self doubt and forced her to reevaluate her life path.

For the past few years, Erica has been fortunate to work at a variety of agencies in Chicago & LA where she has helped mold/develop college programs as well as help students discover their paths, dreams and passions.

Erica believes her purpose is to live and mentor an authentic life, while empowering young women to take control of their lives and encouraging them to become their best, soul selves - she is able to do all of this through the creation of SOLO!

Currently, Erica resides in Manhattan Beach with her fiancé and pup, Bo and is a Talent Manager at a collegiate marketing agency having worked on brands such as Vans, Bedsider & Bud Light.

When she’s not working her 9-5,  she’s evolving SOLO, staying active - hiking, running, yoga  - reading & exploring new self-love methodologies, meditating, indulging in her spirituality, listening to inspiring podcasts, enjoying beach days with her beautiful friends & embracing every moment in life.

>> RYan <<

Ryan graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism/ Public Relations.

She moved to Santa Monica in 2012, and quickly landed her “dream job” producing events for Red Bull, Teva and Nike. Two years later, after realizing the stress of her job was consuming her life, she decided it was time to quit, take a step back, and redefine her path and her purpose.

Ryan began writing about the ups and downs of her career transition for Career Contessa, which led to published work on Refinery 29 and Levo League. Shortly after, Ryan won a writing contest to contribute to Kaitlynn Carter's blog, "The Western Wild," and began writing for Simply Stylist and the Preppy Post Grad as well.

Ryan sees the crippling effects that social media messaging can have on a woman’s self esteem, and is dedicated to creating uplifting, positive content that young women can learn from and relate to.

By day, Ryan manages events & business development for an upscale catering company based in downtown LA. ((On nights and weekends )) she loves getting active, journaling new ideas for SOLO & exploring Los Angeles with her sister, her boyfriend, and her bff's.