Workout Move of The Week - Kettlebell Swing

Regardless of your workout style or preference,  it helps to have a few key moves that strengthen and sculpt your entire body!

That's why I'm highlighting the kettlebell swing, one of my favorite exercises that not only works out your glutes, hamstrings and lower back- but gives you sexy definition in your mid-section as well!

I personally fit (3) sets of this cardio blast into the end of my workouts - so that I leave the gym feeling strong and accomplished! :)

1. Grab a kettlebell (or a dumbbell) at a weight that allows you to perform 20-30 reps of the move.

2. Get into proper position by standing up straight, with your legs shoulder width apart (like the positioning in the first picture above).

3. Start with a warm up to get the range of movement down. Bend your knees slightly, push your hips/butt back, and lean forward - keeping your back straight and your chest up (reference photo 2 above). Slowly return to a standing position by bringing your butt and hips inward as you come up. Repeat this movement 3 times while holding, but not swinging the kettlebell just yet.

4. Begin the full exercise on the 4th rep. Let your hips drop into the position shown in photo 2, then explode up to a standing position- tucking your hips/butt inward, and swinging the kettlebell up to waist level as you do (as shown in photo 3).

((You should be using your knees & hips for power - not your arms and shoulders )).

5. Let the kettlebell naturally swing back down between your legs, and repeat the exercise for 20-30 total reps.

6. Give yourself 1 minute rest, then repeat the exercise for (3) total sets.

Confused? This video will help as well!