Setting Intentions with Crystals & Stones

The intention setting practice is a beautiful way to help us manifest our visions and dreams. They can aid us in achieving a more fulfilling career, more happiness, peace or even love. What ever it might be we are looking for, there is an intention for that. To further compliment our intentions, crystals are a wonderful life tool.  

Now I know what many of you might be thinking - that this spiritual sphere is intimidating or it is an area you are completely unfamiliar with it. Believe me, I was too, but when we met Heather Askinosie, Co-Founder of Energy Muse, she broke down her crystal outlook quite simply.

She said, "Think about when you were little. What did you do when you were around stones or rocks? Maybe you were at a beach, a lake, or in the forest. Regardless where, you would collect them or pick them up, right? There is an energetic reason for that."


Check out Heather's article below. She breaks down the intention setting process, explains how to incorporate crystals into our practice and what specific crystals mean. Hope you enjoy! 

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Setting intentions is similar to setting goals, however an intention is something you can achieve each an every day. Intentions are something you have complete control over. Starting each day by stating an intention will help you transform your mind and help you create a beautiful day. To create a powerful intention for your day, start by asking yourself what you want to bring into your life. Then think about what you can do in each moment that would help that come into your life. 

To Bring in More Love:

 Many people want more love in their life (who wouldn’t?), but they get distracted by wanting a particular person, rather than love itself. To foster more love in your life, use rose quartz, which will open your heart to all types of love. Set an intention for your stone by holding it in your hands and saying something such as “Today, I will welcome love in all forms,” or “I love myself.” Then when you feel like your life is lacking love, hold the stone and remember that you are surrounded by love from family, friends and yourself. When your heart is open to all forms of love, you will find yourself overwhelmed with loving energy and be able to attract someone who can provide that for you as well. 

To Foster Happiness:

Citrine is the stone of light and happiness. Using citrine helps to bring in the energy of the sun into your life. Using citrine, will help you uncover the joys in daily life. Set an intention such as, “I create my own happiness.” Whenever you feel down or that you’ve had a bad day, hold the stone and remember that happiness is within yourself. 

To Reduce Stress:

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, fear of judgment or a stressful lifestyle, blue lace agate will be very beneficial in bringing tranquility and calmness to your life. Meditate with blue lace agate each morning, and whenever you feel overwhelmed by holding it in your hands and breathing in for a count of three and breathing out for a count of three. An intention like, “I am at peace in every situation,” or “My mind is relaxed and calm,” works best with this stone. 

To Boost Confidence:

Carnlelian stones are powerful for those wishing to boost self-confidence and finding the power within them. It has the power to allow you to see the creative energy within yourself, bringing you the courage to express that to the world. This stone is especially great for anyone working on a new project or making a change in their life. To give you the confidence you need in all that you do, set an intention like, “I am courageous and confident,” or “I have the power to be great.” Hold the stone whenever you need a boost of confidence to harness its energy. 

To Develop Spirituality:

Whether you express spirituality through your yoga practice or a dedicated religious practice, fluorite is a very powerful stone for spiritual growth and peace. Its essence is to change negatives into positives, and darkness into light—which is the foundation of any spiritual journey. Use fluorite to heal from past emotional issues and to gain new understanding of difficult situations. Set an intention such as, “I see the positive in every situation,” or “I allow the universe to guide me on my path.” Hold the stone whenever you need guidance or aid during a difficult time.