Solo Meditation: I'm Creating the Career of my Dreams

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." - Steve Jobs

One of my all time favorite quotes by the ever so inspirational, Steve Jobs, happens to to be so fitting for this post. 


The New Moon is happening on 11/11 this month, which is not only a numerological combo, but a magical one :) We must be extremely aware of our surroundings, of signs, symbols, and Universal messages that will help guide us and lead us down our purposeful path.

According to my natal chart (thank you so much for your exquisite astrological expertise & wisdom, Danielle Beinstein!) this New Moon in Scorpio is an extremely BIG one for me because it's in my 10th house of career. What does this mean? This means you can bet your booty I'll be planting some phenomenal career-oriented intentions for myself this Wednesday evening (more to come on that). Even more so, I started a meditation today, that I plan to use each morning for the rest of the week, focused solely on creating the most purposeful career path that I want to share with you all!

Things You'll Need:

- Your presence 

- Music (Anything relaxing)

- Incense (optional - I'm a huge fan of the Satya brand)

Affirmation/Mantra: "I'm creating the career of my dreams in my mind, my heart and my world".

Time: Your practice comes to an end when your vision is complete.

Ambiance: Create a beautiful ambiance, light your incense and play some soothing music (I usually look on Spotify for a meditation playlist)

Practice: Place your hands on your <3 heart <3 and take a few moments to bring yourself to the present.

Forget about what happened ((before)) this moment and don't think about what is going to happen ((after)) this moment.

>>> You are HERE <<<

>>> You are in the NOW <<<

Breathe in through your nose, watch your tummy RISE...

Hold 1...2...3...4

Let out a SIGH >>> Exhale through your mouth >>> Ahhh!


Breathe in through your nose, watch your tummy rise...

Hold 1...2...3...4

Let out a SIGH >>> Exhale through your mouth >>> Ahhh!

Now place your palms up - telling the Universe you are open to receiving all the gifts it has to offer. Say to yourself, "I am creating the career of my dreams in my mind, in my heart and in my world".

Keep breathing >>> breathe in through your nose as if your throat is the straw >>> breathe out through your nose

As those words roll through your mind, let your imagination play. Envision your most expansive career. How does your day begin? What are you wearing? What is your morning ritual? Are you driving to work? Riding your bike? Where are you going?  Where is your work destination? What are you doing when you arrive? Who are you with? 

Paint a ((CLEAR)) picture. Be specific. Don't be afraid of where your mind takes you. This is your world, your dream career, your vision. Are you surrounded by adorable animals you are helping? Are you outdoors teaching your first yoga class? Are you on camera filming a new cooking show? Or are you at home brainstorming your next blog post?

<<< Let all other thoughts go on by like clouds >>>

You are here, now, creating the career of your dreams

How are you feeling as you go on through the day doing exactly what you love and are passionate about? What are you eating for lunch? Are you meeting friends for coffee in the afternoon? Are you able to squeeze in a quick siesta? Does your work day end at 5:00pm? How does your day come to an end? How are you feeling as your work day comes to an end?

GO WITH IT >>> No Judgement Zone

Keep breathing >>> breathe in through your nose as if your throat is the straw >>> breathe out through your nose

Now, I want you to visualize your <3 heart <3 beaming with a white, sparkling, light. Your heart is completely ((open)) to receiving your most expansive DREAM career that YOU just created!

>>> Hands to heart <<<

Repeat once silently to yourself, "I am creating the career of my dreams in my mind, my heart and in my world."

Repeat once out loud to the Universe,"I am creating the career of my dreams in my mind, my heart and in my world."

Keep your eyes closed. Take a moment of reflection to soak up the energy of your meditation into yourself and into your being.

I've seen a common thread of young women in their early 20s, mid 20s and even late 20s (like myself!) where we are so confused, lost, unsure, baffled or just in a rush to figure out what our purposeful career path looks like. We want it now! But there is a reason for everything and there is a reason why we aren't in that dream career right this minute. Accept where you are right now. Don't judge yourself. I promise you, there is a larger, better plan for us. 

So my advice?

Stick with this meditation practice or ANY meditation practice.

Be patient, my loves!

Let your inner light guide you.

Trust the Universe.


((( Keep an open heart )))

Raise your consciousness and you will continue down the career path you were meant to be on!