Best Uplifting Podcasts for Women

I loovvee podcasts and I honestly don't know how I would survive my morning/night work commute without them.

Its my "me" time.

My time to learn.

My time to listen.

My time to consume some inspirational knowledge from some FASCINATING individuals!

Below, check out my top 6 podcasts I'm currently obsessing over!

Jessica Murnane - One Part Podcast

This girl is SO on-point! She is down-to-earth, funny, real and so relatable on so many levels. Each week Jessica interviews entrepreneurs, bloggers, foodies, writers, artists etc. She takes her listeners on a journey with her guests as they chat about their ups & downs within their careers, reveal inspirational advice and to top it off, each interview ends with a yummy plant-based recipe! As if you aren't sold already, Jessica has a mini-micro podcast on Friday's where she chats for about 20 minutes with a special guest about things that freaked their week. LOVE HER! Did I mention she has an obsession with Drake? Well she does so give her a listen! You won't regret it :)

Cassandra Bodzak - The Lightmaker

I think her podcast title says it all - The Lightmaker. Cassandra Bodzak is truly someone I admire and is a light in my eyes. I love listening to her podcast in the mornings. Her voice, energy and everything she stands for is so heartwarming. When I listen to her podcasts, I can't help but smile! I honestly feel like she radiates beautiful white energy through my speakers! Ha! Cassandra's podcast is made up of amazing interviews with some phenomenal spiritual entrepreneurs in our world today. With each unique interview, she goes through a Q&A to help us find our inner light and ignite it. She helps steer our hopes, dreams and beliefs into a direction that can make them become our reality.  Not only does Cassandra have a podcast, but she also is a holistic lifestyle expert, a meditation guru and a spiritual teacher. I could go on! Please check this girl out! I promise she will light you up!

Lucy Bourchier - The Brave Exchange

Lucy Bourchier is a writer, yoga teacher and health and wellness mentor. Her podcast, The Brave Exchange, is full discussions with women creators that break the "norm". What I love about this podcast is Lucy's true authenticity she portrays along with her ability to be completely honest and real with her audience. She is totally honest about her history - how she wasn't always on a purposeful path, how she left her corporate job and party girl ways after a life wake up call and how she's cured herself of depression and anxiety. It's very clear in each episode that her passion is to help us and all women to find our true selves, whoever that may be and to completely embrace her. Turn on the the Brave Exchange and have an "honest chat" with Lucy!

Amanda Boelyn - She Did It Her Way

She Only Lives Once so She Did It Her Way? See what I did there? ;) Currently manifesting a future collaboration! Anyways, this podcast is incredible! She Did It Her Way is a collection of interviews from top female entrepreneurs around the globe. Amanda Boleyn, the host and Co-Founder of the podcast, is a savvy solopreneur herself specializing in leadership and sales development. Every Monday morning, Amanda consults successful female entrepreneurs with her impeccable interview skills about their lives and careers. These smart, bold women walk us through their career path, share their stories and tell us how they are creating a life they love their way! Need some motivation on your Mondays? Check this one out! #motivationmonday

Jess Lively - The Lively Show

This beautiful, bubbly brunette, Jess Lively, is the host of the podcast, The Lively Show. Not only do I love her because she resides in my home state of Michigan, but her episodes are full of so much refreshing content. Jess has guests on her show each week where they chat about everything from motherhood to food to money to relationships, to business to style. She covers it all! Her goal is to teach us how to live a life with intention and recently, The Lively Show, had its two millionth download in a little less than two years! Tune into this podcast, it's sure to uplift your day! 

Katie Horwitch The WANTcast


I love this girl! Not only is she a twenty-something beautiful, inspiring woman, but she is the REAL deal. Her podcast, WANT, which stands for "Women Against Negative Talk" is incredible. Katie's ability to peel back the layers of her interviewees is amazing. She truly makes an effort to dig deep into the lives of the women she has on her show - the ups and downs - the good and bad - the triumphs and downfalls. Katie takes us on an emotional rollercoaster in her episodes (in a good way! I've cried multiple times listening, which I've learned to accept as an >>>energy release<<<). It's very obvious that she is here to stay! The advice, lessons and insight that come out of her intimate conversations with women are life-changing and intend to help us stop being so negative and harsh on ourselves and to own and embrace all aspects of femininity! Girl power!


Well there they are - my absolute favorite podcasts that I'm currently listening to! I would love to hear any recommendations you might have. What are some of your favorite podcasts? Please leave in the comment section!

Thanks so much chicas! Xx