<< SOLO Storyteller Series >> "How to Take Rejection in Stride"

By Samantha Tollin

Rejection doesn't need to be seen in such a negative light.

Sometimes, a rejection is a blessing in disguise; one that builds strength, and allows you to find what you’re looking for. If at first you don’t succeed, remember that you’ll have many more opportunities to shine your light!

Job hunting can be an extremely daunting process. I know this because I'm currently in the thick of the search. From applying to networking to interviewing to following up, there are many ways for us to feel stressed out during this time.

I view the job hunting process as similar to the online dating process: you search and search for the right fit, but if someone rejects you, you feel extremely disappointed. The same goes for the job search. You can spend hours applying to your "perfect job," only to find out that you didn’t get it.  

Although it may feel like the world is going to end...it won't! You have to learn to pick yourself back up (and not allow yourself to sulk). As a matter of fact, the more rejections I've endured, the stronger I've become!

Recently, as I was searching for jobs, I came across a position at a company I really loved. I applied with great confidence that I would get an interview. I seemed to match all the qualifications and had all the necessary skills, but I was never called for an interview. Although I was disappointed, I knew it didn't mean I was a bad person! It simply wasn't meant to be. After getting a rejection email from the company, I replied and said, "Thanks so much for the opportunity. I wish you all the best!” Even though I was crushed, I knew it was the healthiest way to respond.

Responding to rejection with the proper mindset will allow you to feel confident and in control when moving on to the next opportunity.

Here are some of the useful ways I have coped with rejection:

1.    Remember: Do not take it personally

Everyone gets rejected at some point in their lives, but it’s not a reflection of who we are. It’s a completely normal, so remembering to take it with a grain of salt is the key!

2.    Keep a journal of self-affirmations

Reminding yourself of your unique qualities and gifts is important after being rejected (or at any time). Tell yourself you are strong and that everything will be okay. Oftentimes, saying it out loud with help reaffirm your feelings.

3.    Talk to a family member or friend

A close family member or friend will always know how to cheer you up. Try talking about your feelings with them to help relieve the weight on your shoulders.

4.    Exercise!

Exercise is probably one of the most effective stress relievers for many of us. Release those endorphins at your favorite spin class or go for a run on the beach!

5.    Do something nice for yourself

Whether it’s treating yourself to a facial or binge-watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, these simple acts will greatly help you during the grieving process.


Rejection isn’t an easy deal thing to deal with for anyone! So If you're feeling like a failure, make an effort to just BRUSH IT OFF!

Rejection builds character, and rejection builds strength. When approached with the right attitude, it will undoubtedly propel you towards the success you desire, and the success you DESERVE!


Samantha Tollin is a digital content creator living in San Diego, CA. She has experience writing for several leading brands such as Shari’s Berries, ProFlowers, The UPS Store and NBC. Samantha is well-versed in developing engaging, shareable content that promotes an emotional connection with a brand’s target audience. She is also certified in SEO copywriting and has a passion for all things digital marketing.

A Los Angeles native, Samantha has enjoyed living the Southern California lifestyle and discovering everything it has to offer. When she’s not busy telling people stories, Samantha attends local concerts, indulges in the delicious San Diego eateries and bikes along the beautiful Mission Bay.