Top 5 Fitness Programs For Busy Women

Learning to love exercise can be a struggle. There are a million workout trends and products pushed at us from every angle, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what to try or where to begin!

For that reason, I wanted to offer a bit of guidance by highlighting the programs and workouts that have personally provided great results, or have worked well for my closest friends. These programs are great for active, busy gals who don’t want to run for miles on a treadmill or eliptical for hours- just to feel like they got in a great workout. (It shouldn't feel like "work").

While reading through these options, please keep in mind that full-body fitness requires healthy eating too—and you’ll see best results when you combine regular exercise with proper nutrition.



After college, I was able to lose 15lbs by committing to a consistent weight training routine. I felt stronger and more confident and it never felt like “work.”

If you feel intimidated by the weight room, or just like being shown how to workout (which was me), invest in a few sessions with a personal trainer (I paid for 3 cheap sessions at 24hr). They will help you feel more comfortable, and then you can research more routines online and continue training on your own!

I suggest starting with a “beginner” routine, like this one.

^^(this is the actual workout that changed my body! It helps to watch videos to figure out how to do each move!).

Make sure to be consistent and increase your weights over time. You will get toned quickly (with minimal cardio)—and that should motivate you to stick with it.

Workout program references: Simply Shredded + Muscle and Strength


A Class Pass membership is $99 per month, and allows you to take unlimited group fitness classes in studios all over your city!

My friend Laura loves this program and says, “It works great for my schedule because I can workout during the day, at lunch, after work., etc. There is so much variety it’s amazing! I can do yoga, boxing, spin, you name it! I just got my boyfriend to signup and I’m making him come to a Pitbull themed spin class next week!”

Keep in mind that they charge $20 if you miss a class without cancelling within 24 hours—which is actually motivation to stay committed!

Dara bee

These at-home programs are really great for anyone who wants simple, customizable workout from home with no equipment needed. They have challenges, ab workouts, running programs, meal plans, recipes... you name it!

You can really work up a sweat following these circuits in 15-20 minutes. Try incorporating the ab workouts into your schedule a few times a week and you will get a stronger, more defined core.

Kayla itsines

Have you seen this girl on Instagram?

My friend Alyssa completed her 12-week bikini program before our girl’s trip to Vegas, and she looked ah-maz-ing!! 

Check out >> || Kayla Itsines Bikini Guide || <<





For those of you who learn best with video tutorials, check out the free, full-length workout routines offered by this adorable couple . I have several friends trying the workouts together, and they’ve seen serious results!

The duo behind Fitness Blender started it because they feel that "there's a lack of reliable health and fitness information on the web, and too many people in the industry are more focused on appearance than they are on good health.”


These five programs really just scratch the surface of effective workouts out there, but they are SUPER cheap and are very doable with a busy schedule.

What workouts do you guys enjoy? Anything you guys have been curious to try? I’d LOVE to hear from you!