How to spend your money to get MORE out of your life

Part of my morning commute on my way to my 9-5 includes listening to next level, inspirational podcasts that include all things wellness - health, fitness, spirituality, etc. Currently I'm obsessing over The Brave Exchange, Over The Moon, One Part Plant, She Did It Her Way, Wellness Wonderland & The Hay House World Summit Recap. If any of you have other recommendations - I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments section! (Thank you)! 

 “Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.” - James Frick

“Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.” - James Frick

Now, on to the topic of MONEY. Did you cringe? Because I just did as I usually do when it comes to money talk. It plays a fine pain and pleasure line with me. But last Wednesday, on my daily commute, I stumbled upon an episode from the "Over The Moon" podcast called, "Make More Money".

Usually, when I'm scrolling through various podcast episodes to listen to, I completely avoid anything with the words "money", "wealth", "bills", "finance" etc. - again, I'm not a huge numbers fan. I think of money as being a pain in the butt, but also glorious at the same time. It plays a fine line, as I'm sure it does with some of you BUT, when I came came across this episode something told me to listen. At the end of the day, money is a part of our everyday life and I've realized that I shouldn't be afraid to talk about it.

I would like to personally thank Elle Griffin and Ellen Ercolini for recording and airing this episode as it gave me a whole new outlook and perspective on MONEY.

How many of us wish for more money? A LOT I'm sure! How many have you have thought to yourself, "If only I had more money I would go back to school to get my degree in (fill in the blank)." or "If only I had more money I would buy a gym membership" or "If only I had more money, I would donate more to charities of my choice." or the most common one, "If only I had more money I would travel the world!". 

Now I want you to do something.

Take a look at your bank statements.

(( What are you spending your money on? )) 

Remember: everything is connected.

 Instead of W I S H I N G for money why don't we C H A N G E our way of thinking.

>>>Reevaluate things. Reinvest in what we want MORE in your life.<<<

So you want more money so you can buy that gym membership? Buy some free weights. Buy a yoga mat and get moving with some at-home workouts. Go on Pinterest for some motivation and inspiration! 

Do you want more money so you can donate more? Research a charity you have a passion for and donate an amount that's in your budget, even if it is only $5 dollars a month.

Do you wish you could go back to school for something? Buy books. Read articles. Take free courses. Job shadow. The low cost possibilities are endless.

Do you wish you could travel more? Explore nearby towns and cities that are affordable for you to make a trip out of. Camp in your backyard. Turn your living room into fort! Spend a day in a foreign area in your neighborhood.

The idea here is that by taking these baby steps you are opening up the possibility of being able to contribute MORE to that to whatever it is that you want more of because of that little amount you're giving right now in the present. Make sense?

The Universe loves movement - so make moves toward the goals that you want to achieve even if they're small!

There are those necessary expenses, groceries, gas, rent, mortgages, bills, student loans etc. BUT after all is said and done look at the spending money you have left.

What are you priorities? What more do you want in your life?

That is where you should be putting your dollar bills!