How to Breathe Yourself Through A Stressful Situation

>> The only thing you will ever be able to control is yourself <<

So the next time you find yourself in an emotionally stressful situation - make sure to utilize the following breathing technique.

1. Slowly inhale through your nostrils for 4 counts

2. Exhale out of the nostrils for 6 counts

When we focus on our breath, we become present.  When we elongate our exhalations, we drop into a very grounded and calm place of presence. 


Stress is an unavoidable part of life.  The key is learning how to let it move through us without shutting us down. Whether it’s freaking out over a parking space, or being involved in an altercation with another person, STRESS creates tension in the body. Stress creates knots. Stress creates injuries. Stress creates disease.

By elongating your exhalations, you allow yourself to remain dropped into the truth of who you are. By utilizing calm, controlled breathing techniques, you are removing the need to look back on a situation and regret how you behaved— and more importantly—you’re stopping that situation from negatively affecting and tightening your body.



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