(#SheForShe) Beyond the Social with YouTube Sensation, Brittani Louise Taylor

Imagine moving to Los Angeles, by yourself, at 19. 

Now fast forward to having your own thriving channel on YouTube (with well over a million followers).

It sounds like the plot line for a TV show, but it's REAL life for actress/singer/producer, Brittani Louise Taylor.

Today, Brittani’s churning out top-notch videos for her YouTube channel every Saturday, including sketches, music videos, parodies, DIY + beauty tutorials, and more.

Although we could continue talking about her accomplishments forever, we figured you’d prefer hearing from the inspiration (B.L.T), herself!

(( And make sure to check out her Hunger Parody too! ))



SOLO: Can you tell us a bit about your career journey?

I moved to LA at 19, all by myself. 

Typical actress dream, “make it in Hollywood". 

After three—almost four years of doing things the traditional way (student films, auditions, trying to find a good agent), I kind of fell into the digital space. 

There was a company called "Operator 11" that did live video broadcasting.

It was there that I learned how to film, edit, write, etc.!  Then one day, I came to work, and their doors were chained closed!  They’d run out of money, and they didn't tell me! LOL. I was so mad, and devastated, and then my Mom suggested I start uploading videos to YouTube!

(The rest is history!)

SOLO: Which women have consistently supported and encouraged you throughout your life?

My Mom, and recently, my amazing friend Kelly, who was my real estate agent! 

SOLO: Are there any women—could be a public figure— who have influenced your success or inspired you in some way?

Kate Winslet, Kate Blanchett! 

Love the Kates!

SOLO: What are some of the “keys” to your success?

Faith, hard work, focus, determination, having a positive attitude, and refusing to give up.

SOLO: What drives you to wake up every day and continue doing what you’re doing?

I just have this need to create! 

Each day, my dreams get bigger, and I have to work harder!

SOLO:  Which of your personal attributes have contributed the most to your success?

Probably my stubbornness, LOL.

SOLO: Are there any sacrifices you have had to make in order to be successful?

Yes!  I work really long hours, don't see my friends a ton, and I haven't really had time for dating and relationships until recently.

SOLO: What advice would you have given to yourself when you were first starting out? 

Worry less! 

Many of the things that I worried about never happened!

SOLO: Being in the spotlight means having to "be ON" a lot of the time. How do you stay confident & self-assured?

I try not to be too hard on myself!  Pimples, bad hair days, tight pants, all things that happen.  How I look is not as important as how I think I look.  Attitude is really everything!

SOLO: How do you pull yourself out of bad moods or dark days?

Fake it until you make it!  Act happy until you are!  Happiness is a habit, and it takes practice!

SOLO: What makes you feel beautiful?

When I am comfortable. 

If I am not comfortable in the clothes that I am wearing, or I have on too much makeup, I can't stand it!  

SOLO:  What makes you feel strong?

Faith.  God.

SOLO: What is a misconception people might have about you?

That I don't have bad days!  I have them, I just try not to broadcast that I am having a bad day!

SOLO: How have you (or do you) handle self-doubt?

I always call my Mom!  She is my cheerleader!

SOLO: When faced with negativity, are there certain techniques that help you come out on top?

I picture things going well, nailing an audition, and being charming in a meeting.  If someone is being negative to me, I try to realize where it’s coming from.  Jealousy?  Envy?  That always motivates me when others oppose me. (Again, I'm stubborn LOL!).

SOLO: What are the challenges you face in your work, and how do you handle them?

The biggest challenge is finding balance, because I have to work hard and for long hours.  I try to balance it out with sleep, good food, and exercise (if I don't eat right and don't get enough sleep—or exercise— I go crazy)!

SOLO: What is your vision for the future? What are you most excited to accomplish?

I want to have my own production company! 

I want to write shorts, features, or TV shows that I can play some kind of a role in, while also producing/directing/editing.  (I am all about quality control!).

SOLO: Do you experience fear? If so, how do you handle it?

I do!  But I just challenge it!  One of my favorite quotes is

"Do one thing that scares you every day!"

SOLO: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Fly!  (Duh!  :P).

SOLO: What message do you want to send to women who may deal with insecurities and anxieties
that could be holding them back in their lives?

You are not perfect. 

You will never be perfect.  And that fact alone makes you perfect (just the way you are)! 

Have you ever met someone who was "beautiful" and they started talking, and their personality made them ugly? 

Who you are is more important than what you look like! 

Be bold!

SOLO: What is advice can you can give to women who are trying to find their "purpose" in life?

This is cliché, but figure out what you like to do, then figure out how to make money doing it. 

The odds of me making it on YouTube were one in millions, but drive and perseverance made all the difference. 

SOLO: What is the best piece of advice a woman (could be your mother) has ever given you?

My mom always says, "God has amazing things in store for your life!". 

Even if you don't have faith, it doesn't matter, just get excited everyday. (You never know when you are going to meet the love of your life, get your dream job, etc.!).

SOLO:  What does the phrase “SheForShe” mean to you -OR- what COULD it mean, if women start supporting each other more regularly?

I wish women would be less competitive with each other! 

Society trains us to compete. But SheForShe means building each other up, not tearing each other down.

SOLO:  If you could “nominate” an outstanding woman who has encouraged or inspired you...who
would it be, and why?

My Mom!  She just gives!...And gives… 100%!  There is nothing that I have wanted to do that she hasn't supported me on, and she does everything that she can to help others. 

(She’s truly a superwoman!).

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Thank you, Brittani!!

We are thrilled to share your wisdom with our SOLO sisters.