Listen To Your Soul Story

We live in a story that we create - but we also have to listen and trust our S O U L story. 

 Photo credit: Monica Gauthier

Photo credit: Monica Gauthier

Our soul story is our unique story that unfolds naturally. It's not forced or strained. It is apart of a larger plan, an extension of our essence that will not only fulfill us, but also fulfill a need in the world. It is our responsibility to own and follow it. Life lessons, experiences, mistakes and baggage are all occurrences that have shaped our soul story and led us here, which is exactly where we are meant to be.

Now, I know many of you might be thinking, "Well, I'm not where I want to be." or "I'm not where I expected I would to be." - which is completely frustrating, I get it, but also know you're going to survive and be okay! Trust your journey, shift your perception and accept that where you are right now is where you need to be.

The ego tries to get in the midst of things and cause confusion between our soul story and our chronological story, which is owned by the ego. This is what most of us are conditioned our whole lives to understand as what makes us worthy, what makes us who we are - graduations, babies, careers, engagements, marriages, etc. While these are divine, amazing moments in our lives, they aren't WHO we are. They do not define us. It's imperative that we own these milestones as sentences, excerpts or even chapters in our unique story that our souls NEEDED to live out and then LET GO. Once we let go, we then can find and connect ourself with a deeper truth.

So let us take control of our ego.

Dive deeper into our journey.

Own our milestones.

Embrace them.

Learn from them.

Enjoy every second of them, but do not carry them around and let them define you.

There is more to you and there is more to me.

Once we recognize that, once we realize we are more than what just happens to us or what has happened to us...

 We can watch our soul story unravel.

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