Solo Meditation: For the Heartbroken

How many of you have been told to 'follow your dreams'? Or to 'pursue your passions'? What about 'listen to your heart'? I know I have! And the answers to those questions have lead me to the beautiful land of California, which I am forever grateful. But, sometimes there are life events that make us question our dreams, our decisions and choices.

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Last week I suddenly I lost my aunt, who was near and dear to my heart.

All of my family is in Michigan so immediately I created a plan in my head: fly back to Michigan Tuesday/Wednesday, attend the services, spend the much needed time with my family and fly back to California over the weekend.

The Universe had something else in store.

Due to a severe winter storm affecting southeast region of Michigan, my flight was cancelled and sadly I was unable to make it back for the services.

Immediately, I felt a rush of guilt, sadness and anger.

"Now? Now there is a winter storm? It's not fair. I shouldn't be so far away from my family. If I lived in Michigan I would've been able to be there for my Dad! It's selfish to be so far away! What if something like this happens again and I'm not able to go home? I should've flown home as soon as I found out about my aunt's passing."

So many should've's.

So many would've's.

And lots of ego chatter!

Life is evergreen and it will go on and on regardless of what happens to us, to our friends and to our family. This might come off blunt, but we shouldn't question our deepest desires, life decisions or stop living our lives because of life events, even if they are tragic. And by no means and am I ignoring the fact that we will experience grief, sorrow and sadness if something tragic does encounter our life - we most certainly will, but what I'm saying is that life will go on and we have choices to make. Are we going to let these events define us? No. Are we going to live it to the fullest? Yes.

I could've very easily continued down a downward spiral in my ego's world by making myself feel guilty for being so far away from my family, but what good would that have done?

After much back and forth with my ego, I finally silenced her. I accepted the fact that I simply was not going to be able to be there physically with my family. I thought to myself, "But I can be there in another way."

"I can be there for them spiritually."

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So I decided to meditate and honor my broken heart and my heartbroken family with the following meditation.

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Things You'll Need:

- Your presence

- Rose quartz crystal

- Incense (optional)

Affirmation/Mantra: "May they/he/she be blessed. May they/he/she be happy. May they/he/she be loved." - Marianne Williamson

Time: Your practice comes to an end when your heart tells you so.

Ambiance: You have the option to create a beautiful ambiance, light your incense and play some soothing music (I usually look on Spotify for a meditation playlist).

Practice: Sit in easy pose if that is comfortable for you or sit in a chair with your feet planted on the ground.

Get comfortable and take a few moments to center yourself.

Place your hands palms up to the Universe, holding your rose quartz in your hand.

Sit up straight with an open chest, an open heart <3

...Take 2 deep breathes...

Breathe in deeply through your nose >>> 1 2 3 4

- Acknowledge your tummy rising as you inhale -

Exhale >>> 1 2 3 4

(( R E P E A T ))

Breathe in deeply through your nose >>> 1 2 3 4

- Acknowledge your tummy rising as you inhale -

Exhale >>> 1 2 3 4

Introduce the mantra, "May they/he/she be blessed. May they/he/she be happy. May they/he/she be loved."

Repeat this to yourself while envisioning a white light expanding from your heart to your loved ones that are hurting. The white light continues to grow and flourish as you repeat the mantra to yourself. Give your attention to them. Focus on them. Be with them.

Continue with this until you feel called to stop.

When you are ready to end your meditation, bring your hands to your <3 heart <3 in prayer position (also known as anjali mudra) with the rose quartz in the center.

Take in all of your love. Feel all of your love. Give all of your love to the heartbroken.

One last time, say to yourself, "May they/he/she be blessed. May they/he/she be happy. May they/he/she be loved."

Throughout the day repeat this mantra.

Send your love to your hurting loved ones as well as to yourself if you are hurting too.

In Memory of my Aunt Jean Vaquera <3