Yoga Pose Of the Week:"Triangle Pose" - By Danielle Cuccio

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Although I've never been super into yoga, I recently started taking more classes to help manage my stress during especially busy weeks...and I'm LOVING it! One thing that has been challenging, however, is that I'll often (accidentally) end up taking an advanced class, have no idea how to do a move and then have to stare down everyone around me to try to figure it out.

That's why I've called on celeb yoga instructor, blogger AND entrepreneur Danielle Cuccioto put together some super simple tutorials - so that you can learn essential yoga poses from the comfort of your own home (and then feel like a pro in class!).

(( See below for this weeks Triangle Pose tutorial )).

By Danielle Cuccio

"TRIANGLE POSE" (Sanskrit: “Trikonasana”)

Level of Skill: All Levels (Beginner-Advanced)


This is a great pose to stretch the entire body or when you don’t have time for a full yoga practice.  I love doing this first thing in the morning.  Triangle Pose is deeply therapeutic and stretches the legs, chest and spine.  A strengthening pose that also targets the core, stimulates the digestive system and alleviates back pain and symptoms of menopause.  Also releases stress, anxiety and tension.

How to:  

Step 1: Start in Warrior II (right leg forward) - Arms in a “T” Shape.  Start to straighten your front leg, take your hips to the left and place your right hand on your right shin or ankle (*yoga block can be placed on the inside of your right foot on the mat). 

Step 2: Extend your left arm up in line with your left shoulder.  Relax the neck.  Look down towards your right big toe if the neck feels tense.   Reach your left finger tips up high, extending energy towards the sky and extend your collar bones away from another. 

Step 3: Hold the pose for 30 seconds breathing deeply in and out through the nose (Ujjayi Breath).  Reverse the feet and repeat.


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Got a move you'd like to learn? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll make sure to feature it in future posts!

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