Feel Like the Universe Isn't On Your Side? Read This!

Holly Mihelic is a writer and life coach based out of Detroit, Michigan. She is currently developing Onward, an online course built to help users take a leap of faith. 

Holly and I go way back to our college days at Michigan State (Go Green!) where we both were in the same sorority, Chi Omega. We've always been friends, but more recently discovered that we are both on a similar path - a path that includes paving the way for all young women to be authentic, courageous, vulnerable and to have faith that we are all meant for something greater.

She lights up a room with her smile and energy and showcases this all through her amazing writing pieces! I was ecstatic when I heard back that she was interested in contributing to SOLO! Check out her first piece (hopefully of many) below:


Have you been trying to attract something significant, but it's not happening despite your efforts?

You’ve said your prayers, written your wish lists and visualized it over and over, yet still ... nothing. 

Let me guess, you're beginning to wonder if the Universe just doesn't like you. You're starting to think, "Pshh all of this manifestation stuff doesn't really work..." 

Well, consider this before totally giving up:
It's not the Universe keeping it from you... it's you keeping it from you.

“The Universe must be like, what more do I have to do to wake these bitches up? Make water, their most precious resource, rain down from the sky?”
- Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass

The Universe is constantly "makin’ it rain" for us. Yet, we are all walking around with our umbrellas up... afraid to get wet.

But, why are we afraid? 
Well, because actually receiving everything we’d ever want... is kind of scary. 

What would a life that's too damn good be like? 
Unimaginable and therefore, unknown. Which then makes it... terrifying.

Without even realizing it, we block ourselves from the greatness that's already falling from the sky and directly into our laps. 

The Universe is putting it there for the taking, but fear has our hands tied.

Which leads me to ask, “What fears are connected to your desires?” 

Fear blocks us from the Universe’s downpour of awesomeness. So, we have to pinpoint and stand up to those fears in order to allow what we want most to happen.

Let’s do a little exercise.

I like to call it “FLIP YOUR SH*T.” 
(Note: in my style of coaching, another word we use for fear is bullsh*t.) 

Ok first, open up the Notes app in your phone (or grab a pen & journal or you can just read and relate to my examples below... whatever you're in the mood for).

1. Write in whatever it is you desire
2. Write an equal sign
3. Write the fear that is attached to that desire

This Desire = This Fear

Here’s my real life examples. I’m pretty basic, so I'm sure you can relate. 
- Finding the Love of My Life = Potential Heartbreak & Pain of Rejection... Again
- Owning My Dream Business = Possibility of Failure & Looking Stupid
- Buying My Ideal Loft = Tight on Money & Overwhelming Mortgage Payments


1. Write in your desire
2. Write an equal sign
3. Write the positive outcome upon receiving your desire

This Desire = This Reality

Here's my examples flipped:
- Finding the Love of My Life = Utter Bliss & Queen Treatment Forever
- Owning My Dream Business = Mega Success & Helping Our World
- Buying My Ideal Loft = Steady Stream of Income & My Own Personal Oasis

Lastly, delete, burn or throw away the fear-based part of the exercise. 
Save and read the positive part of the exercise DAILY. 

When living with your umbrella open in order to shield yourself from heartbreak or failure or scarcity, you’ll never experience the love or success or prosperity that you could be getting drenched in. 

So, close that umbrella and tell the Universe, “I'm ready. Make it rain.” 


And BAM! Such phenomenal advice! Thank you, chica!

Xo - Erica 

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