Strength Comes From a Strong Butt

By Fitness Trainer - Summer Allgyer

What is it?

A booty workout that you can do anywhere— in 30 minutes or less.

Why does it kick serious butt?

There are heaps of benefits from having a strong butt – looking great in a bikini is one— yes, but having a strong gluteus and hips helps everyday athletes and causal exercisers maintain form while preventing serious injuries down the road.

This is because most of the human movement is initiated from the core and your hips are talented in that they can move in a 360 pattern. The stronger your hips and gluteus are, the healthier your extremities will be down the road. Think: your knees, ankles and even shoulders!

A great example of a strong gluteus is Stephen Curry. Before you heard all about his shooting skills and MVP titles, Steph was close to being a routine bench sitter due to his ankles. His coaches and physical therapist took his training seriously and Steph focused on his hips before strengthening his ankles. Now he can move at his full potential - strong, fast and crafty.

What you need:

A timer + a resistance band

*Optional: Add Dumbbells to amp up this workout!

What To Do:

+ Fire Hydrant with the Band 4x20

Start on hands in knees in a table-top position. Keep shoulders over your wrists and hips over the knees. Now raise and lower the right knee laterally without dipping into the left side hip, or shoulder. Repeat 20 times before moving to the left side. Keep your lower belly engaged in pulled in tight the entire time.

+ Swing Lunge 4 x 20 reps on each side

Start with feet hip distance. Ground down through the left foot and step the right foot into a front lunge. Keep the right foot lifted as you pull back into a reverse lunge. This is the swing. Repeat on the same side 20x before switching to the left.

+ Kneeling Hip Thrusts 4 x 25 reps

Come on to your knees and bring your hands on your hips. Drop your tush to your heels and engage through the glutes as you lift your hips up and away from your heels. Use a resistance band above the knees to increase the work. Go for 25 Reps.

+ Supergirls 4 x20 reps


Start lying on your belly and tuck your chin slightly to keep a nice long neck. Bring your arms over head and engage the gluteus and mid trapezius to lift both the arms and feet at the same time. Repeat this move 20x.

+ Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge 4 x 12

With or without dumbbells start with feet hip distance apart – then take a large step to the side for a side lunge. Make sure your knee doesn’t extend past your toes. From hear move back through center and step that same foot into a cross-back lunge. Here you want to make sure both hip points are facing forward. Continue on the same side 12 x then switch legs.

+ Warrior 3 Kick Back Pulse 4 x 15


Hinge at the hips and come into Warrior 3 on one leg. Arms can be by the sides or in front of you. From here bend the knee of your lifted leg and bring your knees towards each other. Then, kick out with your lifted leg, leading with the heel of the foot.

+ Lateral Band Walks 5 x 1 minute (ouch!)

Bring a resistance band just above the knees and start in a squat position. With the weight in heels and the chest lifted, move to the right for ten lateral paces and then the left, repeating the movement for 1 full minute. Take 1 full minute off to recover and repeat for 5 times! This is burner for sure…


Summer is a personal trainer, fitness model, instructor  at Orange Theory Fitness, and West Coast trainer for Nike. Get more health & exercise tips over at her website + blog: One Summer Day.

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