Danielle Cuccio's "Top 3 Ways to Build A Blog Presence Online"

Every blogger has their own strategy when it comes to creating content and building an audience online. Some blog purely as a means of creative expression - while others blog with the goal of making an income and sharing their voice with a larger audience.

But whatever your long-term reasons for blogging may be - it really helps to seek advice from those who have been there, and know what it takes to be successful.

That's why we've reached out to yogi babe + entrepreneur: Danielle Cuccio - to give us some insight into what it's taken for her to build her blog and her brand, "Cuccio Somatology" into a successful business (which now includes a beautiful line of cruelty free ++ environmentally friendly yoga products!). 

...((And these were her top 3 strategies))...

#1. Talk about it

Telling friends and family about the blog is always a good thing.  If you don't mention it, no one will know it's there! You have to talk about it.

After every post I write, I usually post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.  I'll even talk about my blog in my classes. 

(( Talk about it!! ))

#2. Be Consistent

 People love consistency.  People love knowing you are reliable and are going to do what you say you will.  Post 2-5 times a week and watch your blog grow in numbers. (This is the same for Instagram!).  The more you post on a social platform, the more it will grow.  It's kind of like: where you show the love...the love will come back! :)

#3. Be honest and be yourself. 

Don't try to be someone you're not.  People love seeing individuality. 

I love posting photos of my pug and boxer, Toby & Beatrice.  They are total goofs and I know that no one can deny cute dogs!

Be open and don't be afraid to spill too much!  Your blog is your self expression and people who are interested will read it... Don't go overboard, but give them something to think about and a little look into your life!

(( Thank you for being YOU Danielle! We LOVE sharing your inspiration & advice. ))


 Are you a blogger with unique tips, tricks or strategies to share? 

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