My Full Coverage "Natural" Makeup Routine in Under 8 Mins!

Hey SOLO sistas!

I recently discovered a new make up product (+ a new routine) that has totally transformed my skin and my confidence!

I’m definitely not a big “make up person” (as in... I use ONLY the basics) and I don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready (I’d rather get those ZZZs!) until recently, I’ve ended up wearing powders that are easy to apply, but end up making me look shiny, pimply and/or greasy (ughh!). 

That’s why I was THRILLED to discover Bare Mineral’s “Complexion Rescue” (tinted hydrated gel cream) last year! Not only does this product provide smooth, easy coverage, but it’s formulated with marine botanicals and electrolytes that replenish, hydrate and condition your skin (so it actually improves your skin as you wear it)!

>> Here are the exact steps I follow to create full coverage in less than 8 MINUTES <<

STEP 1: Use "Bare Minerals correcting concealer" ($20) to cover blemishes. I apply this to cover pimples + fill in the dark circles under my eyes.

STEP 2: Apply first layer of Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue ($29.50). I apply using my hands and start with a thin layer. I know they recommend using a brush- but I find it’s easiest to spread it out with my hands.

>> Allow to dry for 2 minutes <<

** If you want to apply a second layer, do so once it’s dry. But try this without 2 layers if you can!**

STEP 3:  I top off the complexion rescue base with a medium coverage powder + buffering brush. Here are a couple products I alternate using:

>> My Fav: "Make Up For Ever, Pro- Finish" ($36--offers long lasting coverage) -- using Bare Minerals Seamless Buffing Brush" ($26) <<



>> ALTERNATE Option: "Bare Minerals - Bareskin" ( $16.90 - lighter coverage & matches with the complexion rescue well) <<

>> ALTERNATE Option: "BareMinerals: Mineral Veil" - $22 -- really light, translucent cover if you don't want to add more color or thickness, and just want a more polished finish over the complexion rescue <<


STEP 4: I finish with a bit of Hoola Benefit bronzer on my cheekbones and tip of my nose ($29!)


*** ALL DONE! ***

- XOXO - Ryan 

(( What are your coverage secrets? I wanna know!! ))