Home Brewed Ginger Tea Recipe to Cure Sickness Quick!

Don't you HATE it when the weekend rolls around and you start feeling that tickle in the back of your throat ((and you KNOW your plans are doomed because you’re about to get sick?)). 

There’s seriously nothing worse!!

This past Friday, I started getting soreness in the back of my throat and woke up Saturday morning feeling foggy, low energy, AND it hurt to swallow. Somehow, I forced myself to the gym (bad idea…), and came home with chills and full blown flu symptoms.

My sister was set to come over for a full day of work (we recently started a new business venture together! :) ), so I asked her if she could pick up some ginger on the way.

As soon as she arrived, I chopped up two whole ginger roots (I usually only do one at a time since it's so strong, but my brain was foggy...so I wasn't thinking!), added em’ to a pot of boiling water—and helped myself to a heaping hot mug!

In less than 30 minutes, (I’m seriously not exaggerating) – my chills, brain fogginess and sore throat had completely dissipated! It should be noted that I also took Alka Seltzer first thing in the morning—so it could also be the combo of ingredients that led to my speedy recovery (but I definitely felt the relief immediately after the tea!).

What I’m saying is: if you feel that tickle....BREW SOME FRESH GINGER TEA!

It might not work EVERY single time, but it's done the trick multiple times for me! Here’s the recipe:

Step 1: chop up two whole ginger roots

Step 2: Add to a pot, cover well with water (2-3 cups), and bring to a boil

Step 3: Once boiling, bring the temp to simmer for 20-25 minutes

Step 4: Let it cool, and pour yourself a steaming cupful (you can include some ginger bits in the tea, or not - it's strong enough on its own!).

I recommend having 2-3 cups throughout the day when you’re sick, and re-boiling the ginger with water to enjoy days later as well (or you can get more ginger & make it fresh again).


How do you guys use Ginger? Would love to hear your ticks, tips + recipes!

Oh and psssst- it's AMAZING for hangovers and tummy aches too!

xoxo - R