The "Me Regime"

For many young female professionals, the pressure to succeed can feel insurmountable.

We are reachable from anywhere, available at any time, and often feel insecure and inadequate as a result of our social society and “culture of comparisons.”

We’ve grown up in step with the digital revolution—witnessing new industries and opportunities develop, adapting to new technologies and attempting to “keep up” by working faster and pushing ourselves harder.

As we inch into an entry-level job, work toward an executive position, or gain momentum with an independent venture—we continue to push ourselves harder, driven not only by a desire to feelsuccessful, but wanting to appear successful, as well.
We’ve also lived through a major economic collapse—one that has left many young professionals scrambling to find work and/or plagued by debt and financial uncertainty.

As a result of modern-day pressures and societal expectations, it’s no surprise that millennials are reported to be the most stressed-out generation. In a study contracted by the American Psychological Association, millennials had the highest levels of depression, anxiety, anger and irritability of all generations. They also reported “work” as the #1 cause of stress.

We have become accustomed to operating a mile-a-minute—which makes it feel impossible to slow down, inhale, exhale, and separate our minds from our work.

Yes, stress is inevitable—but constantly feeling anxious, upset, and overwhelmed is dangerous (and not ok!). Stress is a brain drain and will wreak havoc on your health if you let it. Too much stress can lead to chronic disease, weight gain, premature aging, and a higher risk for stroke and heart attack.

Of course we all want to get ahead, but we can’t let stress destroy our lives!

What can we do?...

  • Get active!

  • Eat well and eat clean!

  • Supplement with herbs and vitamins!


** Create a “Me Regime.” **


Creating a “me regime” means making time for yourself and setting boundaries. It’s putting your foot down, demanding a break when you need it, and making time for YOU when you know work can wait (since most of us aren’t in the business of saving lives).

Your “me regime” is vital. When you consciously make an effort to treat yourself right—you will alleviate the stress that’s been weighing you down (and you’ve been wearing around)!

What makes you smile and what makes you laugh? What do you absolutely love to do, and how often can you do something for YOU?

To help inspire your self-care routine, I asked some of  the savviest ladies I know to share how they manage their stress with “me regimes” of their own!

It’s putting your foot down, demanding a break when you need it, and making time for YOU when you know work can wait.

Laura Ellis: Client Relations Manager at VolunteerMatch (San Francisco, CA)

“It took me a long time to figure out my ‘me’ regime. I always thought you were supposed to veg out to relieve stress. But I don’t feel relaxed laying on the couch or having a lazy day off. To me, I feel the most stress-free when I’m exploring and being active outside. I know the benefits of working out, the endorphins releasing, blah blah blah. But taking an indoor spin class is not quite the same as riding your bike through state parks, past beaches, and up hills you never thought you could climb. Breathing fresh air, getting lost in a beautiful place, and not worrying if I need Lululemon pants just to workout at a gym. I know hiking 10 miles isn’t how most people relax but, in a strange way, I kind of find solace in that. It won’t be the same for everyone, and that’s ok. It’s the me regime because it fits ME.”

Jenna Ellefson: Singer/Songwriter (Portland, OR)

“I recently realized that we do not give enough attention to the topic of self-care. You can’t extend yourself to care for others if you don’t take care of yourself! Sometimes I feel selfish or guilty if I take time for myself, even for little things, but it’s truly important. Carving out time to work out keeps me centered during stressful times. Even if I’m broke, allowing myself a pedicure after a really hard day goes really far. I think we forget to treat ourselves like friends do! Would you ask your friend to sleep less than eight hours and skip their workout for you? No! You don’t have to ask it of yourself either. I just have to remind myself it’s not being selfish to take care of myself.”

Chelsie Stegemiller: Red Bull Motorsports Marketing Manager (Santa Monica, CA)

“Without a doubt, my ‘me’ time is spent playing sports with my friends (or, in some cases, going to bars with my friends), but I think the consistent theme here is spending time with the people in my life that make me smile, laugh, and learn. Riding my bike, snowboarding, surfing, and skydiving take me to another place where I let go of all of life’s stresses and am able to be fully present in that moment. There’s no other feeling in the world like it.”
Ali Parker: Account Director at BeCore (Los Angeles, CA)

“I often put my own happiness on the back burner to get my job done and often put other’s happiness before my own. I definitely need to work on my ‘me regime’ and remind myself to BE KIND (to myself). Last weekend I celebrated my cousin’s birthday with friends, followed by beers on a lifeguard tower (I know, I know…it’s illegal…woops!). Spending time with good friends and family and stepping away from the stressors of work is so refreshing, and always helps me press the ‘reset’ button.”


Establishing a “me regime” is one of the healthiest ways to combat your stress, declutter your mind, and center your life!

How do you handle your stress? What's YOUR "me regime?"

( This article was originally published on Career Contessa)