The Power of the Pull Up (How to Master this Full Body Move!)

Who else remembers the horror of having to do pull ups in front of your ENTIRE PE class?

(( I SURE do)).

I remember feeling so weak and pathetic as I struggled (and failed) to get less than halfway up to the bar. 

“This is just NOT my thing…” I remember thinking... And I carried that mentality with me for most of my life—convincing myself that I'm just not an “athletic” type of girl.

Thankfully, that’s all changed in recent years. Wanting to feel more confident about my body (and inspired by my boyfriend’s healthy habits), I slowly trained myself to become more consistent with my workouts, and started strength training 4-5 times a week. As a result, i've been able to tone up my body (much more easily than other work outs I've tried), and I can actually do unassisted pull-ups on my own! (YAY!).

Are you interested in overcoming your fear of the pull-up bar? Then refer to the following three steps to get comfortable with the motion and reap the benefits of this full-body toning, EMPOWERING move. (I promise it's so much easier than you'd think!).

STEP 1: Find the assisted pull up bar at your gym

(Should look like below image. You'll either kneel or stand on the assisted seat - depending on the type of machine).


STEP 2: Start with a weight that is challenging, but allows you to do 8-10 assisted pull-ups on your own. 

You can start with chin-ups (the way i'm doing it in the below picture) which are a bit easier than wide grip pull ups (hands facing the other direction). 

Pull your body up so that your chin is above the pull up bar, then slowly let yourself down - arms straight + fully extended - before you pull yourself fully back up.

>> Complete the set of 8-10 reps 3 times. (Add more weight if it gets too challenging) <<

STEP 3: Incorporate this move into your workouts 2 times a week to start. Each week, you'll be able to reduce the weight, and eventually, you’ll be able to complete a pull up completely unassisted!


(( Let me know how it goes!! ))

xoxo - Ryan