Why can't we all show a little more patience...?

Do you ever stop to notice how impatient & BUSY everybody seems to be?

I was in a parking garage the other day, which was so packed, that I literally sat in my car for 45 minutes until somebody would let me out. And before I could pull out, I watched the car next to me back INTO somebody because they were too frustrated to wait (MAYHEM!). And then of course there’s my daily commute from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles—which is just full of agro drivers who honk and pull ridiculous moves out of sheer impatience and irritation!

I get it...I know we’re living in this crazy, distracted, moving-a-million-miles-an-hour world, but couldn’t we benefit from slowing down a bit, breathing and exercising some patience? How about smiling more to one another? Opening the door for a stranger? Helping someone who looks lost or frazzled? Letting someone into your lane on the freeway (even if you're rushing!)? Talking to the quiet guy at work? Giving someone an unexpected compliment? Giving up our seat on the bus? Paying it forward with a surprising gesture (like buying a coffee for the person in front of you!)?

…Is any of this really so hard? 

These small acts of kindness + patience take minimal time, they feel GOOD, and they have the power to alter the course of someone’s day! By showing kindness to strangers, we’re generating positivity, and reminding others to step outside of their bubble for a moment and acknowledge + appreciate those around them.

I know we’re all busy, and nobody has “enough time,” but there’s no excuse for being cold to our fellow beings—even those we don’t know, or whose views we disagree with! We’re all just trying to get by in this life, and (for the most part) we share similar values (love, success, family…), so we should show respect and KINDness to one another! Let’s work at being more positive and building each other up... so that we can attempt to chip away at all that darkness in the world!


What's one way that you can show kindness to a stranger? How can you change someone's day TODAY?

xoxo- R