Why Meditation Actually IS your Thing

By: Arielle Marie McFadden - Celebrity Yoga Trainer 


Everyone is talking about it, but not everyone is doing it.

But you SHOULD....you should meditate.

“I’ve tried but it’s super boring and I can’t focus.”

“It sounds ridiculous.”

“I always fall asleep.”

I’m sure you can come up with another excuse as to why you can’t, or don’t, or won’t meditate…(one of the things we happen to be very good at is making excuses about why we cannot do things that are truly good for our whole selves).

But why waste your energy making an excuse, when you could create MORE energy that would improve every aspect of your life, and make you a happier and healthier person?

(( EXACTLY )).

Here's all you need to meditate: A BRAIN. And since you’re reading this…you have one!  A big, beautiful, incredibly capable one!

Meditating is like dating: you just have to find the right fit for you! 

Imagine going on one date, not clicking with the person and literally NEVER going out with anyone again. (Cut to a camera crew from Hoarders walking through your house of cats). That just wouldn't make sense, would it?!

Every person we meet is different: just like every meditation technique is different. And you can absolutely find one (or more) that works for you! You just have to be open to it! 

(( Just give it a try! ))

I got started by going onto the internet and looking up “morning meditation mantra.” But because I have a dog, and am a coffee lover, it’s not always the VERY first thing I do. Often I’ll brew my coffee, feed and walk my dog (so she can leave me be while I meditate). Then I go into my room, light a candle, and pull up the meditation. When I began, I stuck with the 5 minute meditations. And to be totally honest –I felt invigorated, grateful, and powerful that first time! After a week of consistently meditating for 5 minutes, I started to add more time and got up a little earlier. 

These days, I usually will journal right after a meditation.  I jot down my experience meditating, maybe even the things I have to do that day (( whatever comes up )). And I always write down at least one thing that I'm grateful for.  Some days a certain mantra will speak to me, and I'll just keep repeating it. Other days, I just visualize being on a beach or in a cabin.  (Don't judge me...it’s MY meditation! ;-) ). 

Eventually, I started doing a morning meditation and free writing session every single morning, and then at night would do another evening mediation with a free writing session. Getting my random thoughts out onto paper helped me get to bed much more easily.

(( The rumors are true ladies!: meditating does make you feel more energized throughout your day, it puts you in a more mindful and grounded place, it elevates your mood, and it helps you sleep better at night! ))

For me: meditating was a conscious decision to help me rediscover who I was after years spent in a toxic situation that caused me to lose sight of myself and my happiness. It was a commitment I made to myself, and a commitment I reaped the benefits of INSTANTLY. These days, it's important that I remain consistent with my meditations, because if I skip it for more than a day…it can take some time to get back into it. 

^^ With that being said, meditation is definitely a habit: it may not be something you can just sit down and do for long period’s of time right away (( or maybe it is! I know some people that just “get it” right away )) -- but it's something you can build into your routine over time.

My #1 tip for meditation (and pretty much everything in life) is to BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!!...Seriously! Give it a try...and stop being so hard on yourself!! If your mind wanders…so what? Just come back to that thought, or your breath, or whatever works for you! 

Want to give meditation a try? Commit to a 7-day meditation journey and let me know how it goes!

- Arielle 

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Arielle was voted Los Angeles' Most Moving Yoga Instructor of 2015. She is a celebrity yoga trainer who is available for privates through her website www.arielleyoga.com. You can find her LA class schedule there, as well.